May 05, 2020 1 min read

If you are among the 15 per cent of Australians currently living with eczema, winter can be a challenging time and Covid an even more challenging time; you could be in a world of pain.
Often referred to as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a persistent inflammation of the surface layer of the skin. Those suffering from the condition have sensitive skin that is extremely dry, red, itchy and flaky and prone to infections and allergies. The symptoms of eczema are the result of an impaired skin barrier. While a healthy dermis can retain moisture and protect your body from invading bacteria or allergens, a compromised skin barrier will allow irritants to pass through and cause inflammation.
This inflammatory response can be triggered by internal factors like stress and by external factors such as rapid temperature changes and scratchy fabrics which can present a real problem for suffers during winter.
That is why you need to try Saroma Natural Therapies DeXma Gel. A natural and effective, non-irritating, anti-itch gel for stubborn skin conditions. DeXma contains soothing essential oils such as Calendula CO2, Carrot, German Chamomile CO2 and Patchouli. DeXma is making a difference for people who have "tried everything"
When you have skin conditions it is a good idea to stay away for the topical skin products that end in 'ene' that you buy from the Chemist!