BuzzBalm™- natural insect bite remedy

“Truly amazing!”… This is what I hear when people talk about buzzbalm™

This all-natural insect bite remedy can help stop the itching and reduce the irritation and inflammation that mosquito and other insect bites can cause. Use on any insect bite including mosquitos, sandflies, jumping jacks, ants and bee stings or any other insect bite or sting to help reduce inflammation and itching!

I made BuzzBalm for my 2-year-old daughter who suffered from an allergic reaction to mosquito bites that s into large welts.   We now we have hundreds of testimonials for this proven Insect bite remedy (if you have life-threatening reactions to insect bites & stings seek medical advice).

Also useful to apply to minor household burns after rinsing the burn in cold water, garden scratches can also be calmed by applying Buzz Balm. 

BuzzBalm is available in 4.5g sticks and a 30g glass jar – this is equivalent to 6 x 4.5g tubes of Buzz Balm.

Use the d menu to buy multiple sticks and save.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lyn Scales
Buzz balm best product ever.

Love Buzz balm, it's the only thing that works on all bites, it doesn't react with my skin like all other products, it instantly soothes, found it at port douglas markets many years ago and so happy to have tracked down saroma online to keep purchasing this amazing product. Thank you! I always have your buzzbalm sticks on hand in my bag where ever I am.


I bought this originally from Melbourne at a market in 2016 and it helped my mozzie bites so much as I’m allergic to them and I get a bad reaction. So after having a bad reaction to some mozzie bites recently I decided to try to and google it, and to my surprise I was able to order it online still. The buzz balm came so fast in the mail during Christmas time as well it even arrived before the expected delivery dates. I highly recommend this company and product.

This stuff is the bomb

One of the best insect relief products I have tried. I’m allergic to many insect bites and so they’re really painful. This stuff is great and tiny enough to carry in my handbag or pocket. Also love that the products are natural and I’m not putting chemicals on my skin.

Oh my god! So good and I love it.

Best mosquito or any bug bite remedy ever! I’m the one person that gets mosquito bite even in winter. Previously used anything from drugstore to supermarket products to deal with the itch, but nothing worked before this!! It instantly calms the itch and heals so quickly I’m so glad I found this, will be recommending this to everyone for sure! Best thing ever. Thank you❤️ Please stay around forever I can’t live without this.

A game changer!

My mum bought this for my 4 y/o from a recent market. He is allergic to mozzie bites (swell so big that they pop). Only way to stop them once he gets bitten is cortisone cream. We have started using this and and it gives him instant relief! And he can put it on himself- which is fantastic.
Thankyou so much! Can’t recommend this highly enough.