BuzzBalm 30g - natural insect bite remedy

“Truly amazing!”… This is what I hear when people talk about BUZZ BALM™

This all-natural balm can help stop the itching and reduce the irritation and inflammation that mosquito and other insect bites can cause. Use on ant bites and bee stings, or any other insect bite or sting to help reduces inflammation and itching!

A 30 g glass jar of Buzz Balm – is equivalent to 6 x 4.5g tubes of Buzz Balm.

The glass jar is perfect to keep at home in Kitchen ready to use if you or your family gets a sting or a bite at home. Also useful to apply to minor household burns after rinsing the burn in cold water, garden scratches can also be calmed by applying Buzz Balm. (if you have life-threatening reactions to insect bites & stings seek medical advice.)

Ingredients: Beeswax, cocobutter, Sweet Almond Oil, Amiox, Essential oil blend No 1