French Green Clay Mask

Uses the power of the earth to rejuvenate your skin

French Green Clay is rich in fine mineral particles including Aluminium, Calcium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Molybdenum,  Potassium, Silicon, Selenium and Zinc

French Green Clay is the most drawing of the clays and effectively draws out impurities via the skin, detoxifying and helping decongest blocked pores, essential minerals within the clay are released helping heal and repair the skin. It helps stimulates blood circulation to the skin, tonifies and exfoliates gently.

For Cellulite brush the body with a natural bristle body brush and cover the problem areas with the clay, allow it to dry and remove with hot towels

For normal to oily/congested skin types leave clay on for 5 to 7 mins then you can dampen down again and gently massage off for extra exfoliation. Expect your skin to look pink afterwards due to the increased circulation.

How to use:

Face: Use as an anti-ageing mask
Body: Use as a masks or body wrap to activate body circulation; promotes firmness and tones the chest, gluteals, and thighs; helps minimize the action of cellulite.
Hair: Use to tone the scalp and promote hair shine.

How to make a Green Clay face mask:
Our Green Clay is conveniently stored as a powder so that it retains its freshness without the use of nasty chemicals.  Making your clay mask is easy and fun.

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of Green Clay with any of the following base ingredients:

– Neroli Hydrosol at Saroma this is our favourite ingredient for making masks, mix equal quantities of hydrosol and clay 
– Plant Hydrosols
– Whipped egg white
– lemon juice & yogurt for a bleaching effect
– Orange juice for acne
– Oats & hydrosol
– Herbs like chamomile or lavender
– You can add some Saroma essential oils into the mix to give extra benefits

Form a thick paste that is applied to face and body, and allowed to dry.

Rinse off with water or herbal teas

Masks are for men too
Men want ways to control excess skin oil and unclog the pores. The two main properties of a clay mask are deep cleansing and detoxifying and thus they are beneficial to men and women too. In fact, so many male clientele ask for clay-based packs and foot massage regimes. Men can apply a clay mask once a week, after shaving and before toning the skin.

 So ditch the chemical cocktails on offer today that ruin your skins acid mantel and use the power of the earth