Neroli Essential Oil 3% in jojoba

What a beautiful scent this oil has. Its delicate orange blossom flower will delight your senses. Its gentle aroma is perfect for helping alleviate shock, stress and anxiety. The perfect lockdown oil. Perhaps you have insomnia due to depression or inactivity at the moment. It will help your sympathetic nervous system be still and bring about inner peace.

We have a limited number of this beautiful oil for sale in 100ml bottles (normally $140 on sale for $120) so you can use it all over your body as a moisturiser. Add some to your bath. As it is already on Jojoba - which is especially good for dry skin you can use this as your body moisturiser....** It is not suitable for an oil burner or diffuser.

Neroli is traditionally steam distilled in Italy from the bitter orange tree flowers. It has a blending factor of 2

Neroli 3% in jojoba (citrus aurantium)
Neroli bigarade / bitter orange tree flowers

10mls or 100mls on special