Spot Vanishing Gel - natural pimple & acne gel

Natural and non-irritating solution to clear pimples, acne, boils, and in-grown hairs? Our specially formulated gel can help you out. It uses the power of essential oils to draw out toxins from the skin cells, making it both effective on pimples and gentle on the skin. The clear gel ensures that there are no tell-tale signs of using a product, and only a small amount is needed. Simply apply it to the affected area three times a day for best results. Additionally, we offer this product in three different valuef our Pimple & Acne collection. packs as part of our Pimple & Acne collection.

Miosum can be treated using it, as some people have found.

Ingredients: Spring water, Amigum, pure essential oils of Spike Lavender, True Lavender, Palmarosa and Tea Tree.  Grapefruit seed extract (preservative)

Spot Vanishing Gel comes in 2 sizes 25ml $22 or 50ml $36



Customer Reviews

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Fantastic. Can’t be without it. . Great natural healing

Put it in spots as soon as they appear and then they go quite fast. Great natural healing


This does a far better job on drug-induced acne than anything the doctors prescribed!!

Luscious skin care

I love this stuff. I apply it every morning after my shower, between my jojoba/essential oil and my toner and moisturiser. It keeps my skin so clear and I hardly ever get breakouts anymore. It feels lovely and light on and it travels really well if I go away. Such an essential part of my morning regime!

Melanie Smith
Brilliant for painful cystic acne

This stuff works so much better than any salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide products in the chemist. I still suffer from the occasional cystic acne as an adult and i have tried lots of products for over 25 years. It gets to the infection deep down before it breaks through and stops it in its tracks. Clears it in a day rather than a week with the other stuff on the market. A tiny drop goes a long way to treat the acne. I wish I had this as a teenager.

Spot vanish gel for acne

Thank you Sara for your beautiful acne product. My daughter loves the scent and she finds it easy to use too. The shipping service was quick and Sara is very helpful. Unfortunately we could not go to any of her markets right now, but will sure visit one day.
After using it for a couple of days, Spot vanish gel not only calm my daughter’s puberty spots but reduce the redness and helps healing too. Finally, we found something simple, work and cost effective.