Acne Pack Essentials + Clay Mask

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Acne Pack Essentials $72.00 (valued at $80.00)

Acne Pack Essential + Clay Mask $82.00 (Valued at $92.00) pictured

Our Essential Acne Kit is 100% natural and perfect for sensitive skin.  It contains the essential products you need to go completely natural and give your skin a chance to detox and heal. 

Acne can be caused by many factors both internally and externally. Stress does have a big influence on all our body systems therefore it comes out in our skin. The essential oils in the acne pack are formulated to assist with clearing the acne and also helping to treat your stress. Bonus! Try one today.

How to use

  • Cleanse your skin with the Face Cleansing wash once daily to clean and detoxify
  • Apply Spot Vanishing Gel, the hero in this pack, to individual pimples or spread over your face after cleansing
  • Moisturise with the Healthy Skin  or Combination Moisturiser daily
  • Once a week apply a Green or Red Clay or Fuller's earth clay mask for a deep cleanse